The easy way to uncover insights from cryptocurrency data.

Visual cryptocurrency analytics from scratch. No coding.

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What makes Ledj amazing?

No more copy/paste, spot-check and pray.
Designed to save you many hours a week.

  • Robust Data

    Save time searching for data...we have it.

    - 100+ different data providers
    - 95+ exchanges
    - 3,000+ cryptocurrencies
    - 12,000+ symbols
    - 5+ years of data

    We offer an incredible amount of data for free, and premium data for the users with the most stringent data needs.

  • User Insights

    Rapid insights at massive scale.

    The left video is a real-time representation of calculating distribution on a database that exceeds 650 gigabytes.

    Insights performed on the Bitcoin blockchain. Example utilized a data set consisting of 650 million rows of data.

  • query_builder Native Queries

    Skip the builder and go full custom.

    Skip our builder and run your very own SQL queries directly on our sourced data. Get exactly the customization that you need.

    Raw SQL queries are a premium feature.

  • Dashboards

    Interactive Dashboards

    Discover answers to the questions you create as fast as you can design them. Immediately post to a custom dashboard, and automatically refresh down to minute intervals.


Ledj is available now. Take a look.

The best part? Try Ledj on your own. For free. No demos or calls with our sales team until you’re ready — in which case we’d love to chat.